Business Systems Engineering

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What was only for enterprise,

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Business Systems Engineering.

Here's what it can do for your team or business.

Business Systems Engineering (BSE) is the comprehensive approach to the processes and challenges your business faces. Through BSE, team members scrutinize existing workflows, reengineer business processes, track performance with more meaningful metrics, then iterate improvement by reflecting on failures and successes.

BSE answers common challeneges

  • What priority should we be focusing on right now?
  • How much effort should be devoting to each project?
  • Why are tasks struggling to get done even after planning?
  • What is the best way to organize everything my team/business does?
  • How can we reduce turnaround time?
  • We have the skills/people/drive to be doing so much more. How do we get there?
  • How can our daily business activities better align with our core values?

DigitMoti is building a small business BSE solution.

Here's what it will deliver to your business.

Large enterprises leverage their resources to find ways to slim costs, increase productivity and accelerate business. They hire professionals dedicated to roles like Quality VP or Business Process Engineer, who purchase complicated process management software and spend thousands on trainings and certifications. Often these enterprises find success, but at large costs of time and capital not accessible to small teams and businesses.

Our Approach

DigitMoti has performed extensive research on the application of these enterprise principles to small business and mapped the fundamental systems that make success possible. The result is a small business toolset now being built to encapsulate these principles in an affordable and easy to use form. The comprehensive approach goes beyond a single tool and includes:

Intelligent Web-Based Applications

Advanced technology and AI now allow everyday users to benefit from complex analysis without the learning curve. We're building a simple yet robust interface to bring teams together to accomplish more by analyzing processes, building better routines and deriving meaningful insights for key decisions.

Printed Materials & Execution Aids

Our research shows that business processes often fail once team members step away from the computer because those processes are only defined and enforced withing the digital world. Key actions and strategies in the physical world can bridge that gap and reinforce success.

Extensive Training & Support

Growing your business is a serious commitment. Our goal is to see you succeed and provide the resources necessary to realize that success. Instead of focusing just on the sale, we'll focus on success through extensive training and support for the philosophy and execution of Business Systems Engineering.

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